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The Passive Job Search – Dip Your Toe in the Job Market

The ideal situation is to be happy with your job and how you make a living.  Let’s be honest, at some level, none of us like change. In the perfect world, we enjoy what we do for a living, we like the people we work with and the compensation, benefits and job security that come with it. At some point though, things always change. That could mean a new boss, potential merger, or maybe your job role or

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Data Center Talent at Pkaza

The Shortage of Data Center Talent and Bridging the Gap

The first item to address is the shortage of talented candidates in this industry. The second is the lack of diversity. The third is the lack of direction on how candidates can get into the data center space. You can’t have diversity when there is a shortage of qualified talent. However, you can have diversity when the labor pool is robust with qualified candidates. This is not the case as this industry must go through a paradigm shift

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Military Professionals in Data Center and Critical Facility Industries

Advice for Military Transitioning to the Civilian World

As Critical Facilities Recruiting Specialists, we have seen a steady trend of military professionals transitioning into the data center facilities market and making immediate and long-term impacts. The folks we have worked with out of the military include specialists such as Navy Nuclear Electricians, Navy Nuclear Machinist Mates, Air Force Power Production, and Army Power Generation Backgrounds. These individuals not only have a solid technical foundation to transition into the data center space, but they have gained countless

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Data Center Construction Projects at Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting

Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand

Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand Anyone with their pulse on the data center market knows not a week goes by without an announcement about some new data center building project. The titans of tech continue their hyper scale site buildouts all across the country. In addition, there are Data Center Co-lo’s in primary and secondary markets that need to answer the demands of edge computing. Data Center Construction is a very niche space.

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Field Service Technician Jobs at Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting

Career Progression for a Field Service Technician in the Data Center Space

Career Progression for a Field Service Technician in the Data Center Space Field Service Technicians are vital component to the sustenance of Data Center Facilities. As rewarding as a career in field service can be, it can also open a lot of doors to other career opportunities in the data center space. As the Leading Recruiting and Staffing firm in the Data Center space for over 10 years, Pkaza has developed a keen understanding of the critical facilities

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Importance of Professional Networking at Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting

Importance of Professional Networking

Importance of Professional Networking It’s a tight job market. But, the market is also in transition with many colo consolidations. Best way to network in these times are through Professional Organizations when they meet both locally (which is obviously cheaper to attend), or you can go to national events. I often find peers asking about which events to attend. Thus, what better way to start out with my blog…. here are some useful links of conferences that I

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