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good recruiting agency

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Recruiting Agency?

Here are series of factors that you must check before going to any recruiting agency. Whenever you are looking to apply for a job in an environment that is highly competitive, there is a great chance that the hiring manager may not even see your resume. That is why it is crucial that you avail

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what are data centers and how do they work

What Are Data Centers and How Do They Work?

IT experts explain what are data centers and what their importance is in modern life. There are plenty of people out there that have never heard of data centers and have no idea about the kind of work that is done there. Simply put, a data center is a physical facility where multiple organizations from

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currently available data center jobs are in demand

Which Data Center Jobs Are In Demand Nowadays?

New job opportunities are available in your area! See the list of which data center jobs are in demand For those of you who are unaware of what a data center is and how it operates, simply put a data center is a facility that is normally composed of a network of computers that are used

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RSS Data Center Frontier
  • How Bare-Metal Cloud Options Benefit Enterprises
    As enterprise workloads rapidly move to the cloud, there are some applications that struggle in this new multi-tenant environment. A DCF special report courtesy of phoenixNAP and Intel looks at how bare-metal computing options are becoming increasingly popular with organizations looking to migrate performance- or location-sensitive workloads to the cloud.
    Paul Gillin
  • Facebook Eyes Major Data Center Expansion in Hillsboro, Oregon
    Facebook is pursuing a massive expansion of its data center infrastructure in Oregon, prompting developer QTS Data Centers to seek approvals for more renewable energy for its new campus in Hillsboro.
    Rich Miller
  • Digital Transformation, Remote Work and Other Market Trends Lead to Big Changes for IT Management Systems
    Angie McMillin, vice president and general manager, IT Systems at Vertiv, discusses how a scalable IT management platform can address the challenges IT managers are facing as digitization, remote work and other trends drive industry change.
    Voices of the Industry
  • Ecosystems at The Edge: Interconnection Enables New Services
    Interconnection and finding the right colocation partner will be critical considerations for enterprises building out edge data centers. A new special report courtesy of Iron Mountain looks at how the edge can help small data centers transform into full-fledged service providers and fuel digital transformation.
    Paul Gillin
  • Uptime: Most Data Centers Still Not Tracking Environmental Impact
    Despite a growing focus on environmental sustainability, most data center operators are still not measuring their water or carbon impact, according to new survey data from Uptime Institute.
    Rich Miller
  • Ecosystems and Edge: The Data Center as a Transactional Marketplace
    In the past, data centers ensured space and power, providing customers direct connections to multiple networks and cloud providers. For the most part, customers didn’t interact with each other. Mark Lewis, Senior Director Ecosystem Development, Iron Mountain Data Centers, discusses how the growing demand for interconnection between customers is driving change at the edge in […]
    Voices of the Industry
  • Kuhn Emerges as a Mover in Cloud Computing Land Deals
    Chuck Kuhn has become an active player in the data center real estate market in Northern Virginia, and his JK Land Holdings is now expanding its business to other leading North American data center markets.
    Rich Miller
  • Data Center Firm Provides Veterans With Tech Skills, Sense of Purpose
    Kirk Offel, CEO at Overwatch, explores the great qualities that military veterans can bring to the data center industry, including their integrity, tenacity, and their selfless attitude. 
    Voices of the Industry
  • Liquid Cooling: Use Cases, Innovation, and Deployment Readiness
    The technologies supporting the next generation of immersion cooling have already come a long way. Many challenges facing integrated liquid cooling architectures are being put to rest with innovative approaches to all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. A new Data Center Frontier special report, courtesy of TMGcore, looks at how liquid cooling is driving the evolution of […]
    Bill Kleyman
  • Facebook Showcases its 40 Million Square Feet of Global Data Centers
    Facebook has invested $16 billion in building and operating its data centers in the United States, the company said yesterday as it unveiled a new web site showcasing its plans for 40 million square feet of global data center infrastructure.
    Rich Miller
Data Center Training Programs, Data Center Career Opportunities

Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO)

The Certified Mission Critical Operator program was created to meet the growing need for qualified operators to maintain today’s complex data centers. Experienced Mission Critical Operators from major corporations created the blueprint via a grant from the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. For excellence in operating a Mission Critical data center, you can count on a Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO).

Data Center Pro Logo, Data Center Training Programs

DCPRO Mission Critical Training

DCPRO is a wholly owned subsidiary of DatacenterDynamics, the industry's most influential media and events brand. DC Professional Ltd. was formed in 2011 to service the professional development needs of the rapidly evolving mission critical IT infrastructure industry. They have provided classroom training to more than 12,000 students around the world - in many languages - through its network of expert instructors, and has delivered more than 15,000 modules of online training.

Uptime Institute Logo, Data Center Training Programs

Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute aligns their data center education and training programs along three tracks, focused on data center design, management and operations. Uptime Institute teaches courses in over 30 cities worldwide, providing you a convenient opportunity to join an alumni network of over 3000 graduates around the world and take your data center education to the next level. Uptime Institute has earned CPD Accreditation through The CPD Standards Office. Taking Uptime Institute Accredited Training Courses qualifies as continuing education credits.

Marist Institute for Data Center Professionals Logo, Data Center Training Programs

Marist College Institute for Data Center Professionals

The Marist College Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) was founded in 2004 with support and funding from the National Science Foundation. In partnership with professional, industry and governmental organizations, the IDCP has been providing individuals and corporate teams with skills-based education and credentialing supporting the data center and enterprise computing environments of the future.

DC / AC Live - The Austin Anti-Conference
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Carolinas Chapter 7x24 Exchange Golf Outing

@ Northstone Country Club, NC

11th Annual 7X24 Exchange DC Chapter - Golf Tournament
DICE SOUTHEAST: How The SouthEast Is Driving Demand For Growth
7X24 Exchange Atlanta - 18th Annual Golf Tournament
7X24 Exchange Lone Star Chapter Golf Tournament

@ Cowboys Golf Course, Grapevine TX

DICE SOUTH - How Hyperscale, Incentives And Acquisitions Are Scaling The South
11th Annual 7X24 Carolinas and SERBCA Technical Summit
DICE NORTHEAST - How NYC, Greater NY And Emerging Markets Continue To Innovate
7X24 Exchange 2021 National Fall Conference - Impact of the Edge

@ SJW Marriott Desert Ridge, Phoenix AZ

AFCOM NYC/ NJ Chapter - Annual Data Center Golf Classic

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