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The Passive Job Search – Dip Your Toe in the Job Market

The ideal situation is to be happy with your job and how you make a living.  Let’s be honest, at some level, none of us like change. In the perfect world, we enjoy what we do for a living, we like the people we work with and the compensation, benefits and job security that come

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Data Center Talent at Pkaza

The Shortage of Data Center Talent and Bridging the Gap

The first item to address is the shortage of talented candidates in this industry. The second is the lack of diversity. The third is the lack of direction on how candidates can get into the data center space. You can’t have diversity when there is a shortage of qualified talent. However, you can have diversity

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Military Professionals in Data Center and Critical Facility Industries

Advice for Military Transitioning to the Civilian World

As Critical Facilities Recruiting Specialists, we have seen a steady trend of military professionals transitioning into the data center facilities market and making immediate and long-term impacts. The folks we have worked with out of the military include specialists such as Navy Nuclear Electricians, Navy Nuclear Machinist Mates, Air Force Power Production, and Army Power

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Data Center Construction Projects at Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting

Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand

Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand Anyone with their pulse on the data center market knows not a week goes by without an announcement about some new data center building project. The titans of tech continue their hyper scale site buildouts all across the country. In addition, there are Data Center

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RSS Data Center Frontier
  • Modular Data Centers as a Potential Strategy to ‘Future Proof’ Facilities
    The speed of disruption and the current data surge cycle continues to demand transformation in the data center industry. The response to these demands bring prefabricated modular (PFM) data centers to the arena - delivering low-risk, high-value implementations with the added benefits of faster delivery and easier on-site assembly. Download the new white paper from Vertiv […]
    Sarah Rubenoff
  • How Automation is the Precursor to AI in the Data Center
    A guest article from CoreSite asserts automation is shifting data centers from reactive to preventative on the way to predictive. Brenda Van der Steen, VP of Marketing at CoreSite, explores how automation acts as not only a precursor to artificial intelligence, but a crucial "step in the journey."
    Voices of the Industry
  • SBA Adds Chicago Data Center, as Tower REITs Explore Edge Options
    SBA Communications' acquisition of a Chicago interconnection facility is the latest move by tower-focused real estate investment trusts (REITs) to establish a beachhead in the data center world.
    Rich Miller
  • 3 Questions to Ask Your Data Center About Environmental and Social Responsibility
    It’s a fact we know all too well. Data centers consume a lot of power – and demand is only growing. In a world rightly concerned about climate change, growing energy requirements can be a liability. Kevin Hagen of Iron Mountain explains how asking the right questions of your data center provider can turn a […]
    Voices of the Industry
  • Chicago Data Center Development Brings New Construction, Providers
    Moves from CoreSite, RagingWire, STACK Infrastructure, Equinix, Iron Mountain and more have made 2019 a stand-out year for colocation development in Chicago. This excerpt from a new Data Center Frontier Special Report gives a full rundown of highlights of development activity in the Greater Chicago market for 2019.
    Rich Miller
  • Data Center Energy Demand Drives Move Toward Greener Sources
    There is one thing the industry knows for sure. Data center energy usage has been on the way up — for years — and there are certainly no signs of this trend stopping. The priorities have become: No. 1, delivering lower emissions; and No. 2, the option of longer run times and fast-start natural gas […]
    Sarah Rubenoff
  • Google Building More Data Centers for Massive Future Clouds
    Google is building more data centers in more places than ever before, and appears likely to make good on its pledge to invest $13 billion in new data center campuses in 2019.
    Rich Miller
  • IoT & AI Changing the Face of Data Centers as 2020 Nears
    Marc Cram, Director of Sales for Server Technology, explores how the data demands and more of the IoT and AI are changing the tech and data center industry. Explore what's in store for 2020, right around the corner. 
    Voices of the Industry
  • The Top 10 Data Center Stories for November 2019
    Rising rack densities and liquid cooling were the focus of the most popular stories on Data Center Frontier in November, along with the impact of data gravity and strategic moves by Digital Realty and QTS.
    Rich Miller
  • Vertiv Debuts Liebert XDU With Drop-In Liquid Cooling for Data Centers
    Vertiv is making it easier for customers to transition from air-cooled data centers to liquid cooling with the introduction of the Liebert XDU, a 60kW liquid-to-air cooling distribution unit. The new offering supports retrofits of existing facilities to support high-density zones.
    Rich Miller
Data Center Training Programs, Data Center Career Opportunities

Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO)

The Certified Mission Critical Operator program was created to meet the growing need for qualified operators to maintain today’s complex data centers. Experienced Mission Critical Operators from major corporations created the blueprint via a grant from the US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. For excellence in operating a Mission Critical data center, you can count on a Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO).

Data Center Pro Logo, Data Center Training Programs

DCPRO Mission Critical Training

DCPRO is a wholly owned subsidiary of DatacenterDynamics, the industry's most influential media and events brand. DC Professional Ltd. was formed in 2011 to service the professional development needs of the rapidly evolving mission critical IT infrastructure industry. They have provided classroom training to more than 12,000 students around the world - in many languages - through its network of expert instructors, and has delivered more than 15,000 modules of online training.

Uptime Institute Logo, Data Center Training Programs

Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute aligns their data center education and training programs along three tracks, focused on data center design, management and operations. Uptime Institute teaches courses in over 30 cities worldwide, providing you a convenient opportunity to join an alumni network of over 3000 graduates around the world and take your data center education to the next level. Uptime Institute has earned CPD Accreditation through The CPD Standards Office. Taking Uptime Institute Accredited Training Courses qualifies as continuing education credits.

Marist Institute for Data Center Professionals Logo, Data Center Training Programs

Marist College Institute for Data Center Professionals

The Marist College Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) was founded in 2004 with support and funding from the National Science Foundation. In partnership with professional, industry and governmental organizations, the IDCP has been providing individuals and corporate teams with skills-based education and credentialing supporting the data center and enterprise computing environments of the future.

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