Recruiting Methodology - How We Recruit For Data Centers

Pkaza's Recruiting METHODOLOGY

Our recruiting methodology is about nailing down the details while delivering top notch customer service

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client recruitment process

1. Client Interview

Prior to recruiting for your company, we like to get to know our clients better. This is done by understanding your organization, hiring processes and key personnel. We take the time to drill down specific details for the position: type of background, key skills, and compensation range, so we can hit the ground running on your search!

2. Identifying Candidates

We leverage our network, database of 100K+ candidates and search tools to find highly qualified candidates. We specifically don’t work with every company as we need to be able to find these candidates somewhere!

3. Screening

We have a thorough candidate screening process. This covers a series of relevant technical questions as well as a detailed breakdown of each candidate’s motivations, reasons for leaving past companies, salary history, and salary expectations. We try and dig down to really get to understand our candidates to see what makes them tick.

4. Submittal

Once we have determined that a candidate is a match for our client, we will submit their resume in our standard format and include a detailed summary which covers the info we gathered during our screening process.

5. Interview

We will help facilitate all phone and face to face interviews. This includes getting availability from both the client and candidate and sending outlook calendar invites with all pertinent information for both parties. In the event they fly in, we assist with coordination of flights and scheduling. Post Interview, we conduct a comprehensive candidate / client debrief. Prior to any candidate being met / flown in, Pkaza will make every effort to conduct a Skype / Google Video / Facetime Meeting so we get an opportunity to meet the candidate.

6. Offer Stage

We will reconfirm motivations, salary history and salary expectations with both client and candidate and act as liaison in negotiations between both parties. We ensure that our candidate fully understands additional perks and benefits that the position offers so that they are making a fully informed decision.

7. On Boarding

Once the candidate has accepted the offer, we will help both parties during this transition. This includes the coordination with HR and the new hire for reference checks, background checks, relocation advisement, guidance on giving notice to current employer, and preparation for the start date.

8. Post Placement

Once the candidate has started, we maintain our relationship with them. This ensures a smooth transition into their new role. It also allows us to help address any issues that may arise from the candidate or client during this period. We act as your HR Consigliere and we do not just disappear!

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