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Check out our website and see if you are a fit for any of our openings. Our jobs page has one of the largest directories of data center facilities jobs in the nation. We work with many top companies in the industry, so let Pkaza make the introduction. We typically have direct relationships with hiring managers so your resume goes to the top of the pile.

Upgrade your Career

The clients we represent are some of the best companies in the industry. Isn’t it worth spending a few hours with a top notch recruiting firm who can potentially advance your career, increase your compensation and improve your lifestyle? We have helped so many candidates find better options with higher paying jobs in the critical facilities data center industry.


The Data Center market is an extremely small industry where you will quickly find, Everyone knows Everyone. We make sure that you stay fully informed with what companies we are sending your resume to prior to submitting your resume. We will NEVER submit your resume without your permission.

Passively Looking?

We work with many candidates who are not actively looking and happy where they are. Based on YOUR criteria (* job description * compensation * location * company type *) we will only contact you when we come across opportunities that fit your custom criteria. You decide if you want us to send your resume to our client. Just to be clear, there is no cost to our candidates if we place you with one of our customers (although gift cards for steak dinners or nice gifts will not be refused!!)

Career Coach

Your recruiter will make sure your resume looks polished and professional before we submit your candidacy. We also provide guidance with interview scheduling and preparation and help coordinate logistics with any interview travel.

Negotiate Compensation

Your Pkaza recruiter will act as your liaison with your potential employer to negotiate the best deal possible! We have a vested interest in getting you the best compensation package while keeping your compensation within our customer’s expectations. But, ultimately the decision is yours to accept or decline a job offer.


We help you navigate the transition to your new company; how to create a resignation letter and give notice to your employer professionally; help you deal with counter offers and potential pitfalls that come with them; relocation guidance; etc


Pkaza has over 11 years of experience recruiting exclusively in the data center market. Our recruiters bring over 50 years of combined experience and we also happen to be the recruiting industry leader in this market.

Highly Networked

Highly Networked / Highly Visible. We attend all major data center events, local and national. Our candidates leverage the Pkaza network!

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Think of Pkaza as a Tool in your Job Search Arsenal!

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We all know the phrase, “you gotta be in it to win it”, so throw your resume in the ring and we look forward to working with you!

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