Why Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting | Staffing Data Center Jobs

Why Pkaza?

The question you should be really asking is why aren't you a customer of ours already?

Best Reasons to use Pkaza

Our core focus is recruiting for the data center facilities industry.

We are an Established Industry Leader for Critical Facilities Recruiting in North America.

Many of our competitors service multiple industries and often cannot provide the specific industry expertise required by our clients.

Our hiring fee is miniscule compared to the long term costs of keeping the job unfilled or hiring a less qualified candidate.

Pkaza’s candidates typically already work in the industry so they aren’t starting fresh from another vertical.

We are Head Hunters. We dig deeper for candidates than just looking on job website posts and provide you with both actively seeking candidates and passive candidates that are gainfully employed and keeping “options open”

Our Focus is on Critical Facilities and not IT.

We know the key players in the industry.

Pkaza is Highly Networked and Highly Visible. We attend all major data center events on the local and national level.

We have a growing candidate database of over 150,000 contacts in the data center market.

At Pkaza, we don’t work with everyone. We do this in order to limit over-saturation in our core focus areas. As a result, we are very selective of the clients we work with.

Recruiting exclusively in the data center market since 2006 with over 50 years of in-house recruiting expertise!

We guarantee our candidates per our contract.

Our Philosophy

Pkaza has experience working internally in a corporate setting and understand what HR and Hiring Managers are looking for. We also know how to facilitate the recruiting process gained from this invaluable experience.

We Partner with our Customer’s Hiring Team to provide options when the available candidate pool is limited.

At Pkaza, no jobs are too small. Thus, we apply the same standards of quality to recruiting for a first level data center operations technician as to a managing director of data center facilities.

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