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Top 10 Reasons to partner with our recruiting team!

  1. You have an urgent need to fill a position. Unfilled positions typically result in either lost revenue or loss of productivity; both affect your bottom line!
  2. You are forecasted to hire in the next quarter.  Contact Pkaza and we can keep an eye out for possible matches. When you’re approved to start hiring, we can fill those open positions expeditiously.
  3. You have a confidential search. You need to make a change to the lineup in your organization with an external candidate without causing disruption within the firm. Our experienced recruiting team can stealthily tap into the talent pool in a confidential, professional manner.
  4. You have a difficult position to fill. You have exhausted all recruiting means with no success. Pkaza knows the data center industry and can draw from an experienced candidate pool that we have developed over the past 11 years.
  5. Looking to do a Reverse Recruit? Talk to us about how.
  6. 80% of the best people aren’t actively looking. But they would like to find out about new opportunities that could advance their careers.
  7. Startup of a new site / newly formed organizations. Many startups and entrepreneurs just don’t have the time or the HR resources needed to source and hire qualified professionals to grow their new business.
  8. You have a new business and can’t staff it with the current team. Don’t turn away profitable work due to a lack of manpower.
  9. Is your company located outside of the US? Are you looking to establish a footprint in the US market? Executive, Sales, Operations, Management, etc.? We Can Help.
  10. Leverage our wealth of knowledge to keep up to speed with market trends, salary levels/salary comparisons in specific regions, etc.

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