Find The Best Critical Facility Operations Job In Data Centers


The Critical Facility Operations and Maintenance (O/M) Discipline refers to the individuals that ensure data center uptime on a 7x24x365 day basis with a strong desire to reach 99.9999% uptime


These are the Technicians and Engineers working various shifts, doing walkthroughs throughout the data center to monitor the equipment, performing preventative and corrective maintenance, diagnosing potential equipment issues while following their SOPs, and maintaining logs of their work.  They are specifically responsible for the critical power, cooling equipment and building monitoring systems. These are the systems that allow the servers to stay online 24/7.  In addition, Technicians and Engineers are on the front line and are the first responders if a problem arises.

There are also Critical Facility Operations Managers onsite. These managers schedule the technicians, oversee maintenance, escort vendors while they’re on-site, and put equipment procedures (SOPs / MOPS / EOPs) together for proper maintenance.  They are also responsible for interfacing with either the client and/or owners of the facility and any potential customers that come to the site. The path to become a Critical Facility Operations Manager has been typically someone who has started working as a Technician or Engineer and demonstrated a strong proficiency in data center upkeep, working their way up from within the data center facility space.

Field Service Technicians – A career path to CRITICAL facilitY operations

A career path that transitions easily into the facilities operations technician position is that of the Field Service Engineer.  Any field service position that is either Power or HVAC related can sometimes make an easy transition into this role.  Pkaza has successfully placed these workers into these positions. Some of these traveling technicians would like to settle down sooner or later.

Navy Nukes

The Navy Nuclear background transitions very smoothly to a secure career in the critical facilities market. This is due to the fact that these military vets have deep experience in critical environments. The ability to follow strict procedures and process can mean life or death while on the sub. Navy Nukes undergo an intensive and highly technical six year training program and follow the route of an EMN, ETN, or MMN.

Type of Navy Experience that we recruit for – Navy Nuke Trained / Naval Nuclear Training

  • EMN – Electricians Mate (Nuclear Trained)
  • ETN – Electrical Technician (Nuclear Trained)
  • MMN – Machinist Mate (Nuclear Trained)

Other Military Organizations

Outside of being a Navy Nuke, any veteran from other branches of the Military with expertise in areas of Power Systems, Generators and HVAC / Mechanical as well as Building Controls experience can also make a positive transition into the data center space.

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