What Jobs Are Available For Former Navy Nukes?

What Jobs Are Available For Former Navy Nukes?

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What Top Jobs Are Available for Former Navy Nukes in Data Centers and Critical Facilities?

jobs are available for former navy nukesOver the last two decades, the nuclear resources in the United States of America have grown considerably. This wide-spread growth has resulted in the creation of nuclear power plants, weapons, reactors, submarines, and ships that make use of nuclear energy.  In addition to the overall growth of the nuclear power industry, the quantity of nuclear power officers in America has also seen a drastic growth since the early 2000s.

Although this growth was observed among all the branches of the United States Army, the navy saw the greatest growth in its overall forces thanks to its propulsion programs. Because of the popularity and the large-scale demand of the program, the Navy ended up training thousands of Navy nukes. These nukes are well sought-after in the Navy, and even after retirement their skill set is still highly valued in today’s job market.

Below we will discuss some of the top jobs that are ideal for retired Navy nukes.

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Nuclear Technician

  • One of the most popular jobs among the Navy nukes is a nuclear technician. A nuclear technician is either employed in a nuclear energy power plant or as an assistant to a physicist, engineer, or any other professional whose job is to conduct research in the nuclear field.  In this field, the job of a nuclear technician is to operate, maintain and monitor the radiation equipment which will be used to conduct various tests or to generate nuclear power. Their job is to make sure that all of these parts are working optimally.

The nuclear technicians that are employed in a nuclear power plant are either based in offices or control rooms but they might have to travel from one location to another based on the nature of the job they are handling. This particular job requires a lot of experience working in the same conditions as in the military.

Nuclear Engineers

  • Nuclear Engineers are responsible for all the tasks that are directly responsible for the harnessing of nuclear radiations and energy. Depending on the problems that may occur during this process, the engineers will be responsible to go out and conduct research, come up with equipment, create systems, and develop procedures that will make the process of handling the radioactive or nuclear energy source itself easy and seamless.

As the name suggests, this field consists of work that primarily revolves around conducting experiments with the help of nuclear materials, gathering relevant data, and writing instruction manuals that will further help in handling and dealing with nuclear matter. Nuclear engineers normally work in offices, but similar to nuclear technicians they might also have to move from location to location based on the severity and the nature of the work required.

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Above we have discussed some of the most popular and high-paying jobs that are ideal for former Navy nukes. These jobs ensure that you are fairly compensated for the services that you are providing. Furthermore, these jobs allow you to better educate yourselves about newer technologies and methods and thus expanding your horizons.

If you are a former Navy nuke who is looking for a job in the data center space, you can contact us today. We are looking for experienced Navy nukes who are able to work in the Mission Critical Data Center or the Critical Facilities landscape as these are the most in-demand jobs in the field of nuclear energy today.

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