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With the explosive growth of the data center industry, there is no better time to look for new and rewarding job opportunities.

This is the reason so many qualified professionals count on Pkaza to help navigate their job search within the data center landscape.  We hope the information presented here helps with your job search and we hope you will consider Pkaza to help support your job search experience. You can apply for a specific opening by going to the jobs page and applying direct to a position. Please keep reading to get a sense of what to expect with Pkaza’s Service.

What to expect when working with Pkaza?

Respectful, honest, friendly and confidential professional service and prompt follow up when time allows, as well as a sense of urgency to take the hiring process to the next step.  We will always present your best qualities to our client.

Top Reasons Candidates Look for New Positions

1. Is your company not staying competitive and no longer cutting edge?

2. Is business slowing down?

3. Do you work for a supervisor / manager who makes it difficult to get through your work day?

4. Do you work in a contract position that is insecure? Are you looking for Full Time instead?

5. Is your current employer going through a reorganization at the executive level?

6. Stuck in Neutral? No opportunity for career growth? Limited to no salary increases?

7. Are you considering a relocation to another region of the country? Better cost of living? Warmer Climate?

8. Are you considering a new job path?

what people say

I cannot thank you enough Greg for reaching out on LinkedIn and introducing me to your client in the data center power sector. I am very excited to start my new role as their service sales manager. I appreciate your support throughout the process and making this fantastic opportunity happen.

Power Service Sales Manager West Coast Region

Peter discovered me back in 2008 and I was very comfortable working in a Colo as an IT Tech. He saw my potential and presented an engineering consulting job in data center engineering that exposed me to a whole new career which allowed me to utilize my EE degree and 15 years of experience. It really took my career and life to the next level! Thank you Peter for elevating my self-confidence and the knowledge that has led to the management position I enjoy today!

Sr. Manager - Data Center Operations New York Metro Region

My experience with Pkaza has been great. Greg Kane brought forth an opportunity that I was not even aware existed. The interactions with the Firm were very well managed and I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking or thinking of looking for a new opportunity to reach out to Greg.

Global Sales Executive Northern CA

I was looking to make a career change and am so grateful that Sean Bodnar from Pkaza reached out to me. He shared with me an opportunity that was exactly the type of job I was looking for.  From the pre-interview to signing the offer, Sean was there to assist me all along the way.  I have worked with other recruiters in the past and never received the level of professionalism and follow up as I have with Sean.  Thank you, Sean, for your efforts, as I am very happy in my new career.

Project Engineer Midwest Region

I had a really positive experience with Sean Bodnar at Pkaza.  Out of the many recruiters who contact me regularly, he is by far the best that I have experienced.  Sean is very responsive and his follow-up is exemplary.  He did his best to put me in front of the right people who he thought best matched my career and for that company’s needs.  I would highly recommend Sean to any data center professional looking for a new career.

Commissioning Mgr. Mid-Atlantic Region

I worked with Pkaza in obtaining new position and have been very pleased with their insight and knowledge of data center companies. They found me a job that was a great fit based on my background and career experience.  Both Phil and Peter took a personal interest in finding the best possible solution for me.  I would highly recommend them!”

Commissioning PM Mid-Atlantic Region

Phil contacted me and within six weeks I had a job offer at a fantastic data center company. Phil kept in contact with me throughout the process and answered all of my questions.  He went above and beyond to make sure that my interviewers understood my resume and abilities before I even talked to them. The data center work has been very rewarding and the fact that Pkaza works so hard to put people in these jobs is amazing.  Without Phil and Pkaza, I doubt if I would have found this job that I enjoy so very much –  Thank you.

Data Center Facility Engineer Midwestern Region

My experience with Pkaza and Greg Kane have been nothing short of amazing. Greg and I discussed my background and goals and he identified opportunities that I was not aware of. The interaction with Greg was very well managed and I’m happy to say that I landed a job with a top Project Management firm as a result. I don’t think that I would have succeeded at this level without their help. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking or thinking of looking for a high-level Project Management position in the critical facility arena to contact Pkaza Critical Facilities Recruiting.

Data Center Construction Manager Southwest Region

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