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With the explosive growth of the data center industry, there is no better time to look for new and rewarding job opportunities.

This is the reason so many qualified professionals count on Pkaza to help navigate their job search within the data center landscape.  We hope the information presented here helps with your job search and we hope you will consider Pkaza to help support your job search experience. You can apply for a specific opening by going to the jobs page and applying direct to a position. Please keep reading to get a sense of what to expect with Pkaza’s Service.

What to expect when working with Pkaza?

Respectful, honest, friendly and confidential professional service and prompt follow up when time allows, as well as a sense of urgency to take the hiring process to the next step.  We will always present your best qualities to our client.

Top Reasons Candidates Look for New Positions

1. Is your company not staying competitive and no longer cutting edge?

2. Is business slowing down?

3. Do you work for a supervisor / manager who makes it difficult to get through your work day?

4. Do you work in a contract position that is insecure? Are you looking for Full Time instead?

5. Is your current employer going through a reorganization at the executive level?

6. Stuck in Neutral? No opportunity for career growth? Limited to no salary increases?

7. Are you considering a relocation to another region of the country? Better cost of living? Warmer Climate?

8. Are you considering a new job path?

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