Military Expertise


As with most companies that hire our brave veterans that come out of the military, Pkaza is very experienced placing these candidates with our customers. We thank you for your service.


A military background usually produces a responsible, disciplined, honest individual. Resultantly, veterans can usually be trusted in an environment such as a mission critical data center facility.  Our customers only hire candidates with specific experience. Thus, we usually look to recruit military personnel that have a background working with Naval Nuclear Power, Electrical Power Systems / Equipment or Commercial / Industrial HVAC Equipment or Systems. 

Naval Nuclear Power

Military vets with a Navy Nuclear Power background have deep experience in critical environments. As a result, these vets transition very smoothly to a secure career in the critical facilities market. The ability to follow strict procedures and process can mean life or death while on the sub. Navy Nukes undergo an intensive and highly technical six year training program and follow the route of an EMN, ETN, or MMN.

Type of Navy Experience that we recruit for – Navy Nuke Trained / Naval Nuclear Power Training

  • EMN – Electricians Mate (Nuclear Trained)
  • ETN – Electrical Technician (Nuclear Trained)
  • MMN – Machinist Mate (Nuclear Trained)

Marines / Army / Air Force / Coast Guard / Maritime

Outside of being a Navy Nuke, any personnel from the other Military branches working with Power Systems, Generators and HVAC / Mechanical can also make a successful transition into the data center space. Depending on your skill level and specialty you could be a match for the high demand openings as a field service technician or critical facilities engineer inside the data center.

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