Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand

Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand

Data Center Construction Projects – Experienced Pros in High Demand

Anyone with their pulse on the data center market knows not a week goes by without an announcement about some new data center building project. The titans of tech continue their hyper scale site buildouts all across the country. In addition, there are Data Center Co-lo’s in primary and secondary markets that need to answer the demands of edge computing.

Data Center Construction is a very niche space. Most companies have a prerequisite that candidates have previous experience with multiple data center build projects, typically in the $25-200MM range. While many of these projects are new build facilities, there are also many projects that involve building additional space to existing facilities. There is also the newer trend of building pre-fabricated modular data centers.

If you are a data center construction professional reading this, you already know a data center project manager’s travel schedule is not for the faint of heart.  Be prepared to spend as much as three consecutive weeks on the job site with one week working from home. Or, a four day week with three days back home. Many clients offer a generous travel stipend. Moreover, many will work with your schedule if they feel you’re a top level candidate.

With the record number of data centers being built, there’s lots of areas to consider when making a career change within this field.

If you have data center build experience, it is highly recommended that you create a project list sheet as an addendum to your resume. Keep it basic but include the following information – name of the client, (as long as you don’t have an NDA), date of projects, brief description of the project, its overall budget, and any cost savings or accomplishments regarding that project. This will go a long way in helping hiring managers determine if you are qualified.

Peter Kazella & Associates, Inc dba Pkaza- Critical Facilities Recruiting  works with many Data Center Construction clients. That includes End Users, GC’s and Owner’s Rep firms. They have hiring needs in the following areas: Estimators, Project Managers, Project Engineers, MEP Superintendents and Owner’s Reps.

Let’s have an exploratory conversation if you are on the market or just want to test the waters to see the opportunities that are out there.  Please email  You can also visit our website to search our data center construction jobs.