Pros of Being a Navy Nuclear Technician

Pros of Being a Navy Nuclear Technician

navy nuclear technicianA Navy Nuclear Technician is a sailor that is specially selected for nuclear power training to become a part of the navy nuclear program. In the U.S navy, one of the most difficult and mentally challenging programs you could get into is the Navy Nuclear Program. In order to become a part of this prestigious program, you have to score relatively high on a variety of aptitude assessments. Out of these aptitude assessments, the most difficult and widely known is the Navy Advanced Programs Test.

If you manage to score high enough on these assessments you have the option of choosing three unique career fields. These fields are electronics technician, machinist’s mate, and electrician’s mate. All these jobs entail a different set of duties and benefits that make them all great career choices. The navy machinist’s mates and electrician’s mate typically work in either the hull or service’s engineering fields whereas the electronics technicians are normally considered a part of the Navy technical specialties team. All of these nuclear technicians are a part of the career fields that are considered sea intensive by the Navy.

Pros of Being a Navy Nuclear Technician

Working as a Navy Nuclear Technician comes with its own set of pros that make it an ideal career choice for future generations especially in this nuclear age. Here are some pros of being a Navy Nuclear Technician

Being a part of the smartest community in the Navy

  • When you are employed as a Navy Nuclear Technician or a Navy Nuke in general you can rest easy knowing that you are part of the best and the smartest community in the entire Navy branch. As a Navy nuclear technician, you get the opportunity of receiving the best and the most advanced training the United States Military has to offer.

Furthermore, as a Navy nuclear technician, you will receive first-rate and the best educational opportunities which can help you amass college-level credits in technical subjects like mathematics, chemistry, and physics. In addition to getting the best education possible, all the nuclear training you will receive in the Navy will be top-notch and immersive which help grow and expand your horizons as an individual.

Career Advancement Prospects

  • As a Navy nuclear Technician, you have great career advancement prospects. When you become a nuclear technician, you start in the Navy as an E-3 and you are automatically promoted to E-4 as soon as you complete “A” school.  So you have ample opportunities of advancing your career as a Navy nuclear technician and advance up the Navy hierarchy after finishing training.

In addition to these promotional chances, the Navy also pays all of its nuclear technicians’ enlistment and reenlistment bonuses in addition to the special duty assignment pay. When you are working as a Navy nuclear technician, you have the chance to STAR re-enlist as soon as you reach your 21-month point at which you are automatically advanced to E-5 and receive a bonus of $100,000.

  • Furthermore, you receive a $38,000 signup bonus and opportunities to receive additional bonuses throughout your entire Navy career.

Post Navy Career

  • The most important pro of becoming a Navy nuclear technician is that you have very competitive jobs available as a Navy nuke because of the education and experience you receive when you were a part of the Navy. Navy nuclear technicians are in high demand because of their military expertise. You have a chance of being employed at either a nuclear energy plant or as an assistant to an engineer, physicist, or any other professional whose job is to conduct research in the nuclear fields.

As a nuclear technician, your job will simply be to maintain, operate and monitor all the radiation equipment which is used in the conduction of various tests or the generation of nuclear power. A nuclear technician has to simply make sure that all these parts are working as they are supposed to.

Above we have discussed some of the pros of enlisting as a Navy nuclear technician that make it an ideal and highly sought-after career path. Not only are you a part of the smartest and highly coveted community of the Navy but you will be in high demand post Navy in the data center space.

If you have any queries regarding the job and the academic requirements of enlisting as a Navy nuclear technician or you are looking for jobs post-Navy career, you can contact us today at Pkaza.