Data Center Jobs – Moving Forward in 2021

Data Center Jobs – Moving Forward in 2021

There is no sense in being dramatic by replaying the surreal events that defined 2020.  The only productive idea is taking actionable steps that will attempt to drive us forward effectively as a country and a society.

One big blow of 2020 is what it did to the employment market.  For most people and businesses, the perfect situation is for employees to have a full time and secure job and for companies to create a revenue stream that can reward productive full time employees with an exceptional salary and good benefits. I think most of us feel confident things will bounce back. In the meantime we need to come up with solutions that will get people back to work and allow employers to effectively hire people while dealing with the budgetary challenges they are facing.

Pkaza is celebrating 14 years as a recruiting and staffing firm; we focus exclusively on the data center industry.  Our expertise is in the areas of Data Center Facility Operations, MEP Commissioning and Engineering, Data Center Construction, MEP Field Service, Sales as well as C-level recruiting. We have been grateful to be able to place many worthy veterans from our military services.

To date, many of Pkaza’s staffing solutions are permanent placement of candidates.  We are happy to announce that we can now offer contract, temp to perm and every variation of staff augmentation that our clients could need. Consider using Pkaza Staff Augmentation solutions for the following scenarios:

  • Headcount – You need to hire someone to do the extra work without  impact your company’s headcount budget
  • Tough search – A great interim solution when you have a really tough search assignment that will take many months to fill.
  • Trial Run – You’d like to hire a permanent candidate but have uncertainty with candidate’s ability.  Contract staffing as a “temp to perm” is a great approach.

Some candidates may be willing to start a position on a contract basis for the first six months or try it out or even three months and if it works out you convert them to a full time employee

  • Projects –  A big reasons that clients use contractors.

Contractors are typically used in projects to bridge skill gaps, manage workload and provide project management. Often clients are looking for contractors with successful experience in similar projects.

Maintaining and growing a profitable business has always been a challenge and in these time it is even harder.  Don’t turn away business or lose a sale because you don’t have adequate personnel. Don’t leave revenue producing and other critical management roles unfilled because it’s not in your budget.  Call Pkaza today and see how we can resolve your hiring challenges.