Which Data Center Jobs Are In Demand Nowadays?

Which Data Center Jobs Are In Demand Nowadays?

New job opportunities are available in your area! See the list of which data center jobs are in demand

For those of you who are unaware of what a data center is and how it operates, simply put a data center is a facility that is normally composed of a network of computers that are used by various organizations to house their critical data and other applications. Data centers offer competitive salaries, diverse opportunities, and enjoyable work to people who have the interest to establish their careers in this new and dynamic industry.

These data centers are usually driven by newer technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Various top-tier organizations in the world have invested large sums of money into creating new and innovative digital infrastructures to support this technological growth.

Today, the entire data center industry has undergone a huge technological expansion because of which it has become an exciting place for people to grow and expand their careers successfully. Various jobs in the data center industry offer high salaries and an environment for growth and new opportunities. With that being said, here are some of the most popular data center jobs for the year 2021;

Data Center Manager

  • A data center manager is responsible for supervising and managing a team of employees and workers in a data center. They are also responsible for various equipment management tasks like replacing cables, installing and managing custom upgrades for different customers,  managing and testing important accessories and components, drawing schematics of the data center, and analyzing them to determine which equipment is missing or required, and maintaining employee and customer records.

In addition to these management tasks, they also have a set of customer responsibilities like responding to customer complaints and inquiries, escorting customers through the different areas of the data center during a tour, and coordinating with other organizations for a variety of reasons.

  • They also have some administrative duties that are absolutely essential in order to ensure that the data center runs smoothly and effectively. These duties include scheduling employee shifts, ensuring compliance with every single government regulation, maintaining the corporate database, and planning for different capacity changes.

For all of these duties and responsibilities, the data center managers are paid an annual average salary of $160,000 with a potential for growth in the upcoming future.

CyberSecurity Specialist

  • A cybersecurity specialist is responsible for providing security during the up gradation and development stage of software systems, data centers, and important networks. They are responsible for searching and finding risks and vulnerabilities in important hardware and software. It is their job to recognize the various potential threats and breaches and close off the areas that are open to these threats. They also build firewalls for the protection of important network infrastructures.

Furthermore, a cybersecurity officer is also required to suggest various safety and security measures for the protection of important data and information. They design different defense strategies against potential intruders who are looking to get into the system. A cybersecurity officer also monitors and takes care of a variety of day-to-day operations and their overall performance in order to make sure that everything is working as it should.

  • The cybersecurity specialist is in charge of designing and optimizing new technologies and services in a data center through the optimization of a lot of important engineering processes and policies. They also offer technical support in areas such as research and development.

A typical cybersecurity specialist earns somewhere between $90k to $120k per year as of 2021.

data center jobs are in demand

Cloud Architect

  • A cloud architect is essentially an IT specialist who is responsible for developing and maintaining a data center’s computing strategy. This strategy normally consists of things like the cloud application design, its adoption plan, and its constant monitoring and management. They are also responsible for providing support for the application and maintenance of a cloud environment.

In addition to this, a cloud architect also provides assistance with other cloud environment tasks and scenarios like public, private, and hybrid cloud management. They are also responsible for choosing the type of online networking system that needs to be implemented in order for a company or an organization to efficiently carry out important activities.

  • A cloud architect earns roughly around $120k to $150k per year as of 2021.

In the article above we have discussed some important data center jobs that are in high demand in the year 2021. These jobs not only offer a competitive salary but if you are an expert in these fields, they ensure that you will have plenty of chances of growing and expanding your career in the future. These fields are essential for the effective working and growth of any data center and because of that, they are in high demand especially nowadays where management and security of data are of the utmost importance and value.

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